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WWII Museum Protects Legacy of Those Who Served

Posted February 12, 2016 02:00 PM CDT

The National WWII Museum's Train Car Experience is housed in the museum’s Louisiana Memorial Pavilion.

For those too young to know the true cost of war, The National WWII Museum is a place to experience the unsettling sights and sounds all too familiar to those who lived through it.

Just a few steps inside the Museum’s main entrance, beneath the soft click of a replicated railroad split-flap display, visitors find themselves standing in a 1940s-era train station. They’re encouraged to use their digitally enabled dog tags to listen as veterans recount their war experiences.

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Patriot Award Honors Employers of Those Who Serve

Feb. 2, 2016 10:18 AM CST

They call them citizen soldiers. The term goes back to when the National Guard was first formed as an essential element of the U.S. military, to protect families and towns from hostile attacks. Today, the National Guard plays an even broader role in protecting our country. But what helps make the Guard work is the ability for these citizen soldiers to live and work in our communities until service calls.

Citizen soldiers like National Guard Sgt. Mark Mateo, whose primary job is as a general clerk in UP's Los Angeles Commerce Yard. Since joining UP in 2014, Mateo has been required to complete regular training as part of his commitment to serve in the Guard -- including special activation due to the recent California wildfires.

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Steam Update: No Swimsuits Required

Jan. 19, 2016 11:58 AM CST

Have you ever held a cast iron skillet? It’s hard to imagine repairing or replacing something made out of such heavy, durable material. However, after over 70 years of wear and tear on locomotive No. 844’s turret valves, made of an even stronger metal – cast steel -- the Union Pacific steam team is doing just that.

“We’ve started working through all the valves and piping – basically everything steam and water flow through,” said Austin Barker, foreman general – Heritage Fleet Operations. “We're replacing bolts, studs, re-machining and lapping the lower portion of the valves, called the valve seating surfaces, and replacing many old worn internal components. We’re making sure everything is still sound metal and repairing anything that isn’t.”

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Sacramento Rail Yard Cleanup Clears Way for Economic Revitalization

Jan. 7, 2016 02:47 PM CST

For Jim Levy, the Sacramento Railyard is like a piece of gum that’s been stuck to the bottom of his shoe for 26 years. That’s how the Union Pacific director of environmental management characterized working on remediating the 240-acre section of land just north of downtown Sacramento

Today, the location that once served as the terminus for the Transcontinental Railroad stands as a symbol of one of the country’s most successful Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) brownfield remediation projects ever. More importantly, it represents a tremendous economic revitalization opportunity for the core of California’s capitol city.

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Railroader Debuts at Carnegie Hall

Dec. 23, 2015 11:44 AM CST

The crowd inside New York City’s famous Carnegie Hall sits in hushed anticipation. Inside the jewel box of a performance space, two dozen musicians wait their turn to step onto the stage, sit at a gleaming black grand piano, and dazzle the audience with a piece of original music. Among the performers is someone you may not expect to see: Attila Gibson, a Union Pacific foreman general in the West Colton, California, locomotive shop.

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