Lincoln County (LincUP) Community Advisory Panel

LincUP Logo ImageLincUP provides open dialogue on health, safety and environmental issues between representatives of the community and Union Pacific Railroad to promote awareness and understanding for mutual benefit. For a complete listing of members, see 2014 LincUP Panelists.

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Contact the LincUP Facilitator, Lorre McKeone.

Present: Ron Bourne, Sally Brecks, Angela Brown, Jeff Everett, Shelly Kelly, Jack Nichols, Lance Polk, Bryan Robinson, June Robinson, Kyle Shepherd, Gary Smith, Kathy Swain, Gary Wilson, Glynn Wolar. Facilitator: Lorre McKeone. Facilitator: Lorre McKeone.

Guests: Roric Paulman, Shawn Engel (UP), Roric Paulman

Absent: Scott Castillo, Dan Czech, Neil Deertz, Jim Falcon, Cindy Halligan, Rich Hoaglund, Kim Keeling, Dwight Livingston, Brandon Myers, Gordon Peeks, Dennis Thompson.

Meeting Notes:

Public Comment Period: No observers

Announcements: Guests were welcomed – Shawn Engel (UPRR) and Roric Paulman (candidate for Unicameral Senate). Alex Gurciullo has agreed to serve as the student representative to the panel.

Community Roundtable: Kyle Shepherd, Disaster Specialist for the Red Cross, told the group about a new Pillowcase Project sponsored by the Red Cross. It was inspired by stories of girls in a dorm who gathered up belongings in a pillowcase when evacuated for Hurricane Katrina. In this pilot project, pillowcases imprinted with a list of things that should go in an emergency kit are distributed to elementary students (3rd-5th grades). So far 5,000 pillowcases — plus companion books spelling out important disaster instructions — have been distributed in conjunction with presentations on specific disasters (blizzards, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.). Presentations are 20-45 minutes long and include a quiz at the end. Kyle suggested we might use this to expand awareness of shelter in place. Those interested in making a Pillowcase presentation are trained online and schedule their own appointments with local schools. For more information contact Kyle at 532-8888. Sally Brecks shared that the West Central District Health Department has been actively educating and training on Ebola response. They also help coordinate efforts to insure protective medical equipment is available to area hospitals in the event of an Ebola outbreak.

UP Report: Jeff Everett -

Safety, a priority concern for UP, has been a systemwide success story this year. Safety Stand Downs have been initiated where all work is stopped to conduct Courage to Care safety training which urges workers to care enough to stop and talk about any at-risk behaviors as they occur. Seven-day car loading volumes up in every shipping category (Industrial products and agricultural both up 19%, Intermodals 15%, chemicals 6%, Automotive 3%, Coal 2%). Third quarter earnings were $1.4 billion.

Meeting Topic: Coal Update, Jeff Everett (UP DTS) and Shawn Engel (DTO)

Following a brief explanation about how coal was formed, Jeff shared information about the Powder River Basin in Wyoming with 11 major coal mines including two of which are the highest producing mines in the United States. Of all coal mined and processed, 60% is transported, for at least part of its trip to market, by train. The bulk of the coal from Wyoming passes through Nebraska and interchanges with eastern rail carriers at some point in the journey. It averages seven days for coal to travel to its destination and empty cars to return to the mines. Of all coal mined in the United States, 85% is burned for electrical power generation with the balance used in industrial steel manufacturing as coke. Three-fourths of the U.S. power generation takes place at thermal power plants where heat energy from burning coal produces steam which spins turbines to create electricity. (The remaining power generation is from hydroelectric, nuclear and solar power plants).

When loaded trains come through the seven track east run-through operation in North Platte they are fueled, inspected and the crew is changed within about three hours. On the return trip, empty coal cars receive more detailed service on 14 west run-through tracks, including fueling, adding sand for traction, detailed inspection of cars and power. Cars needing repairs are set out and the train is filled back up to 130 cars with empties from storage. The servicing for these westward traveling empty cars takes about 6 1/2 hours. Hiring to support the growth in volume continues with about 30 new hires per month being added to the Transportation side.


Membership: Alex Gurciullo (NPCC) has agreed to fill the student representative position.  Positions where members are completing their 3-year term include: Homeowner, Ag, Wage Earner and Religious.  The group agreed to ask Gary Smith to stay on another year to represent Religious interests as this has been a hard fill in the past and Gary does a great job of distributing information to the Ministerial Association

Planning: November meeting:  Fire Chief Update.  No meeting in December.  January will be planning for 2015 and recognition of retiring members.

Outreach: No activity this month.

Summary and Strategy

NOTE: Our November meeting will be a week earlier due to Thanksgiving. Please mark your calendar and plan to join us for this last meeting!



Next meeting: 5:15 p.m. Monday, October 17, 2014

Location: Student Cafeteria, North Campus of North Platte Community College

Meeting Topic: Fire Chief Update, Assistant Fire Chief Trent Kleinow


5:15 p.m.Call to order
Public Comment Period
5:25 p.m.Announcements and Introductions
5:30 p.m.Community Round Table
5:35 p.m.UP Report
5:40 p.m.Meeting Topic: K.I.D.S. Klub, Carrie Lieneman, Director
6:30 p.m.Supper Break
7:00 p.m.Committee Meetings
7:20 p.m.Summary and Strategy
Plan for Next Meeting
7:30 p.m.Adjourn