Taking Pictures/Videos of Union Pacific Trains or Structures

Policy Statement

Union Pacific Railroad has always valued the countless numbers of persons that have taken photographs of our trains and structures over the years. While we appreciate all of the photographers' efforts, we also want them to follow their passion or their profession safely.

The policy was crafted as a result of unsafe behavior in taking a video of steam locomotive No. 844 running over a camcorder placed in the middle of the track as well as the increasing number of high school seniors having their yearbook photograph taken on railroad tracks and railroad structures such as tunnels and bridges.

Unsafe behavior occurred when a photographer went onto railroad property to take a photograph or video. While it is easy to determine rail yards and rail structures such as bridges would be off limits – along the tracks, it may not be so easy to determine what is or is not railroad property. When in doubt, take the safe way and photograph from identifiable public property, such as the shoulder of a public road.

Photographs leave lasting impressions, and we want those impressions of Union Pacific trains and structures to be captured safely.

In addition to the policy statement, there is a safety fact sheet for news media and general safety tips if you find yourself near railroad property.