Sustainability and Citizenship Highlights

Operating Safely

  • Achieved a 1.01 employee reportable injury rate, the best employee safety performance in company history.
  • Conducted approximately 8,500 UP CARES and other safety events that reached 704,000 people.
  • Realized a 2 percent reportable derailment rate reduction.
  • Implemented paid media campaigns in 23 markets promoting rail safety, with an audience reach of more than 73 million people.

Strengthening Communities

  • Hired approximately 3,900 employees.
  • Hired more than 900 military veterans.
  • Invested a company-record $3.7 billion in our network and operations to support America’s freight transportation infrastructure.
  • Achieved a best-ever 93 customer satisfaction index score.
  • Increased the company’s spending with women- and minority-owned suppliers by 16 percent.
  • Supported more than 2,500 nonprofit organizations.
  • Awarded 81 memberships in Union Pacific’s Train Town USA Registry to communities as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to celebrate cities with a historical connection to the railroad.

Engaging Employees

  • Conducted 3 million hours of formal employee training.
  • Trained 200 employees through the company’s Operations Management and Field Management programs.
  • Celebrated the 25th anniversary of the company’s wellness program.
  • Increased participation by 25 percent in our System Health Injury Protocol II program, available to employees at risk for injury due to lower fitness levels.

Preserving the Environment

  • Eliminated an estimated 33.5 million metric tons of greenhouse gases thanks to our customers moving their products by rail compared to truck transportation.
  • Purchased 200 new fuel-efficient locomotives, replacing older and less fuel-efficient ones.
  • Introduced an advanced experimental locomotive in Roseville, Calif., – UP 9900 – to test emissions-reducing technologies.
  • Put five ultra-low emitting Genset switching locomotives into service in Chicago.
  • Diverted from landfills an estimated 75 percent of our waste.
  • Added 10 electric vehicles in locomotive shops.
  • Upgraded nearly 1,300 refrigerated rail cars to reduce diesel particulate matter emissions.
  • Received the Association of American Railroads' two most prestigious individual environmental awards.