Environmental Collaboration

Collaborating with a range of public and private sector organizations amplifies our environmental efforts.

California Air Resources Board

Union Pacific has worked with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to reduce emissions and improve air quality since the mid- 1990s. Our efforts began with a first-of-its-kind commitment to bring the then-most advanced and environmentally friendly locomotive technology to the South Coast Air Basin by 2010, with a continuing commitment through 2030.

According to CARB, this effort would reduce locomotive NOx emissions in the South Coast Air Basin by 65 percent in 2010 compared to 1998 levels. In 2012, CARB confirmed we met the 2010 requirements and further confirmed in 2013 that we met requirements for 2011.


Union Pacific has been a member of the Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI) since 2010. GEMI brings together companies from diverse industries to solve environmental stewardship problems and provide tools for the public’s use. In 2013, Union Pacific expanded our involvement with GEMI, and one of our employees served on the GEMI board.

VOX Global and Pacific Institute

Union Pacific participated in a case study conducted by VOX Global and Pacific Institute to provide insight on corporate actions and perceptions of risks associated with water issues.

See our website for more information on our collaborative efforts.