Providing Good Jobs

Union Pacific provides good jobs in our communities in an industry critical to America. We pride ourselves on hiring the best candidates and providing them with the resources, training and support they need to reach their potential. We hired approximately 3,450 employees and plan to hire almost that many again in 2014, depending on attrition and business needs. You can read more about our commitment to our employees in this report’s Engaging Employees section.

Our Commitment to Veterans

Since our inception in 1862, Union Pacific has supported the military by transporting troops, supplies and equipment, and by hiring veterans. Approximately 25 percent of Union Pacific’s new hires in 2013 were military veterans. They joined more than 9,000 other veterans at Union Pacific who represent more than 19 percent of our total workforce. In addition, Union Pacific continues to support the military by shipping thousands of rail cars of equipment to support their efforts.

Military Recruiting

Veterans often easily adapt to the culture and fabric of Union Pacific. They have proven leadership skills, early career management skills, comfortable working in challenging environments and a performance oriented work ethic – traits that allow for a smooth transition into the quality jobs we provide. Representatives from Union Pacific attended 99 military recruiting events throughout the country. We actively partner with military transition and education offices, reserve units, military panels, National Guard units, career organizations, and local military committees and boards.

We are also part of the Army Reserve’s Employee Partnership Initiative and support the Army Partnership for Youth Success program. Union Pacific has received the U.S. government’s highest employer recognition, the Freedom Award, as well as the Military Officers Association of America’s Distinguished Service Award.