About UP No. 956

The locomotive number UP 956 was chosen because the miniature locomotive was patterned after a 900-series passenger locomotive and built in '56. The locomotive was made from a tow tractor used to pull luggage wagons at large passenger train depots. A "flat-head" four-cylinder gasoline engine powers the miniature train locomotive. The locomotive and rail cars run on rubber tires so the train can operate on any solid surface.

Until 1998, the miniature train traveled around the UP system in a pair of matched boxcars numbered UP 903014 and UP 903015. Each boxcar was stenciled with "Miniature Train Service." Today the train moves to each event in a custom trailer built exclusively for the mini-train.

In 2004, three retired baggage cars were placed end-to-end on the ground to form a unique garage where the miniature train is kept between appearances.

The miniature train rail cars were reconditioned and repainted in 2006.


UP 956 - Locomotive16' 11"5700 lbs.
UP 498150 - Box Car13' 4 1/2"1050 lbs.
UP 72495 - Coal Car13' 0"1370 lbs.
UP 98000 - Gondola14' 6 3/4"1300 lbs.
UP 69969 - Tank Car11' 10"1110 lbs.
UP 25300 - Caboose12' 2 1/2"1350 lbs.
Totals86'11,880 lbs. (5.9 tons)
Rider capacity
The Union Pacific rubber-tired miniature train requires a concrete or asphalt surface for operation.
The operating surface should be free of severe dips, potholes or transitions.


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