Produce Railexpress

Produce Railexpress is a three-party agreement with Railex, Union Pacific and CSXT to provide unit train service in the following lanes:

  • Wallula, WA to South Schenectady, NY in 5 days
  • Delano, CA to South Schenectady, NY in 5 days

Railex loads a minimum of 55, 64’ refrigerated cars per week to create a unit train of perishable fruits and vegetables that travel across the country.

  • One shipper — one receiver.
  • A true unit train service with no work events enroute.
  • Power remains with the unit train for the duration of each cycle.
  • One train a week from Wallula, WA and Delano, CA to South Schenectady, NY.
  • A 5th-morning transit schedule

Contact information

For more information about Produce Railexpress, please contact a Railex representative: