ShipmentVision Lite

Enhanced Car Monitoring for Food Product Shipments

Union Pacific Railroad, along with our logistics management subsidiary, Union Pacific Distribution Services (UPDS), have teamed together to develop ShipmentVision Lite, a value-added, Web-based monitoring tool to trace rail shipments moving in Union Pacific boxcars, refrigerated boxcars and food-grade covered hoppers.

ShipmentVision Lite customers have the ability to track the shipment's entire transit route over all rail carriers at no additional cost. Also, UPDS monitors shipments and provides proactive resolution to ensure shipments are handled in an expedited manner, as part of Union Pacific's door-to-door value. In the first six months of analyzing refrigerated boxcar shipments, Union Pacific has improved car cycle time by 2.5 days to create more equipment capacity for customers.

Value of ShipmentVision Lite

  • Improved transit analysis with visibility to entire transit route, regardless of which railroad is in possession
  • One-stop, Web-based user interface
  • Validated, accurate real-time data on shipments

Value of UPDS Monitoring

  • Proactive shipment resolution
  • Reduces car cycle time
  • Decreases bad order delay time
  • Improves equipment utilization to create capacity

Improved Transit Times & Equipment Investment

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