Private Empty Car Storage

Storage Charges

  • Consignee of the empty rail car will be assessed the charges for all Net Chargeable Storage Days for all empty private equipment.
  • Charges will be assessed to all Industrial Products, Agricultural and Chemicals customers.
  • Net Chargeable Storage Days equals total debits less credits earned.
  • The current storage fee is $70 per Net Chargeable Storage Day.


  • One (1) debit will be assessed for every full or partial day that a private empty car is in hold status on the Union Pacific network, commencing on the first 12:00 a.m. after the equipment has been placed in hold status.
  • Debits will be assessed at any origin, destination, or intermediate holding location.
  • Debits will be issued to the Consignee location of the empty rail car.
  • Debits will not be assessed for empty private equipment on private track.
  • On the first 12:00 a.m. after equipment has been released from hold status, debits will cease to accrue.
  • Debits will not accrue if cars remain in released hold status.


Credits are issued to the Consignee of the empty rail car. There are three methods of earning credits:

  • Actually Placed (AP) Credits: One (1) credit will be issued for each private empty rail car on the day it is actually placed at destination industry.
  • Placement Credits: If an Order-in customer orders a specific private empty rail car via the Web or Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR), which has arrived in the customer’s serving area, but UP does not deliver the car, or delivers an alternative car, two (2) credits per rail car will be issued for each rail car requested but not actually placed. Placement Credits will only be given if the private empty rail car released returns to a hold status instead of being placed at the customer's facility (actually placed). Once the car returns to hold status, the credits will be applied. Cars which are not delivered and stay in a release from hold status will not receive placement credits nor will they receive debits.
  • Capacity Credits: When a Spot-on Arrival customer has available capacity and UP does not bring in a car(s) to fill that capacity, two (2) credits will be issued for each private empty rail car in the serving area up to the customer's maximum available capacity.


  • Bills will be issued monthly for the prior calendar month's inventory.
  • If credits exceed debits, no storage bill will be generated.
  • Credits are only valid in the month they are earned and will not be carried over to subsequent months.

The new system for PECS will be housed in the Accessorial Management Application (AMA). AMA will provide data from the current and previous months, along with a link to outstanding bills from previous months. Customers will have the ability to dispute in the current month, prior to bills being issued.

Post-bill general disputes can also be handled within Account on the Web (AOW). To use the AOW functionality, customers must be registered in AOW. Learn more about AOW.

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This information is provided for the convenience of our customers. This document is a representation of Union Pacific Accessorial Tariff UP 6004. In the event of a conflict, actual published Union Pacific Accessorial Tariff UP 6004 will apply. A copy will be available upon request. For a subscription to this tariff, contact the Marketing and Sales publication area at 402-544-6711.