GroTrain Delivers Dry Fertilizer Shipments Quickly and Cost-Effectively

GroTrain Network: Linking Dry Fertilizer Shippers and Receivers

GroTrain is Union Pacific's expedited unit train service linking dry fertilizer shippers and receivers across the nation. From dry fertilizer plants to farmers, GroTrain is designed to promote and sustain long-term agricultural growth in the Midwest.

Union Pacific is working together with both fertilizer shippers and receivers to make shipping easier, more efficient and most of all, more cost-effective. Through asset utilization and collaboration among all participants, Union Pacific is able to reduce rail transportation cycle times.

GroTrain Features

  • 70-car and 85-car unit trains with both railroad and private cars -- one commodity, one origin and one destination
  • Public rates published in tariff UP 4294; commodities include Urea, DAP and MAP
  • Consistent price spreads between manifest and unit train rates
  • Long-term commitment to fertilizer unit trains

Extensive Market Access

  • Direct access to key nutrient production points and import facilities
  • Extensive network of storage facilities in the Midwest, handling more than 600,000 tons of dry fertilizer
  • Access to crop production regions that consume more than four million tons of fertilizer per year
  • Dry fertilizer unit train facilities located in the U.S. with over six billion bushels of grain production annually

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