Roaring Into the Market: Union Pacific Preps for Tiger Cool Express

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Union Pacific’s new partnership with Tiger Cool Express will benefit the agricultural community in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

Union Pacific’s new partnership with Tiger Cool Express LLC, one of the nation’s top 25 refrigerated carriers, is stoking growth by reigniting temperature-controlled intermodal rail service in eastern Washington.

The new logistics center anticipates being fully operational in August, following completion of a new intermodal ramp with capacity for 5,000 monthly lifts. By 2024, site volume is expected to increase to more than 22,000 annual container shipments of regional commodities like onions, apples, wine, pears and potatoes.

“We’re enthusiastic about Tiger Cool Express advancing an intermodal initiative that will remove thousands of trucks from the highway,” said Kari Kirchhoefer, vice president-Premium, Marketing and Sales. “This region continues to grow in logistical importance, and our network can support the envisioned growth.”

Last December, Union Pacific leased to Tiger Cool Express its 67-acre former Cold Connect facility in Wallula, Washington. The property includes a 200,000-square-foot refrigerated warehouse, 19 enclosed refrigerated rail docks, 38 refrigerated truck docks and a 2-mile rail loop track.

The renamed Tiger Tri-Cities Logistics Center will benefit the agricultural community in Idaho, Oregon and Washington by providing sustainable, cost-effective intermodal freight solutions.

"This facility has the potential to be a ‘triple threat,’” said Theodore Prince, co-founder and chief strategy officer of Tiger Cool Express. “Beyond supporting our existing domestic business and agricultural exports, the Tri-Cities has land, labor, water and electricity that could make it a global logistics hub. It looks like the Inland Empire 30 years ago – only with the ability to run a shorthaul rail shuttle."

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