Not everyone who trespasses on railroad property does so with bad intentions. Perhaps they think it's a faster way to get home from school or a good spot to take photos. Regardless of intent, trespassing isn't just illegal – it's dangerous. It takes a train traveling 55 mph more than a mile to stop. By the time a locomotive engineer sees a person on the tracks, it is too late to stop the train.

The only safe, legal place to cross railroad tracks is at a designated pedestrian crossing. Remember, crossing arms aren't just meant for automobiles – never walk around them.


Walking on or near railroad tracks to take photographs is extremely dangerous. You should always expect a train. Union Pacific urges professional and amateur photographers alike to set the right example for others by adhering to safety guidelines.


Hunting and Fishing

Walking on railroad tracks, railroad right of way (the areas on both sides of the track) or railroad bridges to access hunting or fishing spots is dangerous and illegal. Union Pacific urges outdoor enthusiasts to operate safely around tracks.

Be aware of railroad property when enjoying outdoor activities.