Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of organizations and initiatives are eligible for UP CARES Safety Grants?

To be eligible for a UP CARES Safety Grant, the organization must serve a town where Union Pacific operates. Eligible organizations include schools, community organizations, first responders (such as police or fire departments) and public safety. Examples of organization initiatives eligible for UP CARES grant funds include:

  • Youth education activities
  • School or community safety days
  • Community safety blitzes
  • Grade crossing educational enforcement activities
  • Railroad safety advocacy

Grant funds should support educational outreach-based initiatives which encourage interaction and the sharing of railroad safety information on a one-to-one basis. Grant funds should not be used simply to purchase trinkets or handouts for mass distribution. However, if purchased items are intended to be distributed as part of interactive outreach initiatives, this may be permitted. Grants also are not intended to fund organization's operating expenses.

Who should complete the grant application?

An official representative of the organization (i.e. city employee, educator or principal, police officer or first responder) must complete the application.

How long will Union Pacific be accepting grant applications?

Union Pacific will be accepting grant applications July 16 through September 30, 2014. Applications submitted after the deadline will not be considered.

When will I know if I receive a grant?

Due to the volume of grant applications received, requests will be evaluated following the Sept. 30 deadline, and applicants will be notified on a rolling basis after that.

If I receive a grant, what is my responsibility for reporting how the money was used?

Union Pacific wants to ensure grants are used to fund activities that will promote safe behavior around railroads and that reach appropriate target audiences. After your initiative is implemented, you must to report back with information that mirrors your grant request, such as:

  • When the event occurred
  • How many people you reached
  • Demographics of the individuals you reached
  • Whether your met your goals
  • Feedback you received from the community on your initiative
  • Anecdotal feedback to help Union Pacific understand the impact your initiative had, and to identity future opportunities to promote railroad safety

If I do not receive a grant, what other resources are available to help my organization promote railroad safety?

Union Pacific's public safety section ( and contains a wealth of educational resources, such as safety tips, and downloadable flyers/posters to print and share. Additional crossing safety tips and railroad security information is available on under Safety. And, Operation Lifesaver, the nonprofit railroad safety organization which UP helped found more than 30 years ago, provides railroad safety tips, statistics and videos at

If your initiative does not receive a UP CARES Safety Grant but is better suited for a separate railroad initiative, it will be routed to the appropriate Union Pacific representative for follow up.


The UP CARES grant program will accept applications July 16 through Sept. 30, 2014. Applications will undergo a competitive review process. An invitation to submit a UP CARES grant application in no way guarantees funding of that request, either in part or in the amount requested. The volume of grant applications received precludes providing individual critiques of unsuccessful requests, or maintaining unsuccessful requests for future grant applications.