Our Commitment to Veterans

Union Pacific has a long-standing connection to the U.S. military, dating back to when we hired Civil War veterans to help construct America’s first transcontinental railroad.

Today, Union Pacific supports the military by shipping thousands of rail cars of military equipment to support our armed forces. In addition, about 23 percent of Union Pacific’s 2012 new hires are military veterans. They joined more than 9,000 other veterans at Union Pacific who represent 18 percent of our total workforce.

Military Recruiting

Veterans easily adapt to the culture and fabric of Union Pacific. They are dedicated, committed and trained – traits that allow for a smooth transition into the quality jobs we provide.

In 2012, Union Pacific attended 122 military recruiting events throughout the country. We actively partner with military transition and education offices, reserve units, military panels, National Guard units, career organizations and local military committees and boards.

We are part of the Army Reserve’s Employee Partnership Initiative and support the Army Partnership for Youth Success program. Union Pacific also has received the U.S. government’s highest employer recognition, the Freedom Award, as well as the Military Officers Association of America's Distinguished Service Award.

Supporting the Wounded Warrior Project

We are extremely honored to contribute to Wounded Warrior Project, a national organization that serves military service members who incurred service-connected injuries or illnesses on or after Sept. 11, 2001. More than 1,600 employees participated in person or via live Web stream in a Veterans Day celebration last November when Union Pacific donated $60,000 to the project.

Transitioning from the Military

Recognizing there are thousands of veterans each month transitioning from active duty, Union Pacific organized and hosted its first military transition event in San Antonio, Texas, in September 2012. The event educated top military talent on how to make a successful and smooth transition to the corporate world, while highlighting career opportunities at Union Pacific.