Public Safety

Advertising Campaign

Union Pacific’s 2013 public safety advertising campaign utilized billboards and public safety outreach to promote rail safety in 12 Union Pacific communities. These billboards reached more than 2 million people and the associated proactive media efforts reached more than 3 million people. Each billboard included the reminder “Always Expect a Train,” along with an eye-catching visual and attention-grabbing headline, such as:

  • “Life is Worth the Wait.”
  • “Signal On. Brake On.”
  • “High Centered. High Danger.”
  • “Every Crossing. Extra Caution.”
  • “Be Alert. Be Aware. Stay Alive.”

Through these campaigns, Union Pacific encouraged drivers and pedestrians to follow all laws regarding grade crossings and railroad safety.

2013 Safety Grant Program

Union Pacific awarded 21 grants to community-owned railroad safety initiatives. Ranging from $500 to $5,000, the grants support initiatives developed by community organizations to enhance railroad safety and promote community accountability. Examples of grant-funded initiatives include police department-led educational and enforcement activities (grade crossing patrols, commuter station blitzes, etc.), school safety days, targeted in-school media and integrated community outreach. The estimated audience reach of grant-funded initiatives exceeds 230,000 people.


Through our UP CARES public safety initiative, nearly 9,000 outreach and training events reached more than 616,300 people in 2013. UP CARES activities include:

  • Grade crossing enforcement and education with local, county and state law enforcement agencies.
  • Safety trains that provide community members a first-hand look at what locomotive engineers see when they operate trains through a town.
  • Communication blitzes that include community education events and media outreach, and Operation Lifesaver initiatives.

Union Pacific helped found and now collaborates with Operation Lifesaver, an independent nonprofit safety education and outreach organization with the mission of ending collisions, deaths and injuries at rail crossings.

Unsafe Motorist and Pedestrian Behavior Reporting

To protect the communities we serve, we must be vigilant in educating neighbors about the dangers of violating grade crossing laws. We created the first-of-itskind unsafe motorist and pedestrian reporting process for train crews, pinpointing high-risk locations. Collected through this process is data accessible to both Union Pacific and outside agencies that use the information to determine which grade crossings receive active warning devices or other road improvement projects.