Diversified Business Products


Union Pacific moves the goods American families and businesses use every day. Just about everything in homes, offices, manufacturing facilities, construction sites and stores moves by train at some point.

  • Agricultural Products - Revenue: $3.3 billion. We haul the food that feeds the nation and many parts of the world, delivering whole grains and other agricultural products. Among innovative transportation solutions is our coast-to-coast refrigerated produce transportation service that expedites fresh produce from production regions to major consumption areas.
  • Automotive - Revenue: $2.1 billion. Union Pacific operates vehicle distribution centers for major automotive manufacturers and provides expedited parts shipping. We are the largest railroad automotive carrier west of the Mississippi River.
  • Chemicals - Revenue: $3.5 billion. Union Pacific carries the chemicals used to clean drinking water and produce plastics, as well as fertilizer used to grow our food supply. We transport petrochemicals, crude oil extracted from U.S. shale locations and soda ash.
  • Coal - Revenue: $4.0 billion. Coal generates around 40 percent of the U.S. electricity supply. We deliver more than 20 percent of the coal American businesses and consumers need, which is enough to power 32 million homes.
  • Industrial Products - Revenue: 3.8 billion. Union Pacific ships a variety of raw materials and finished goods, including steel, pipe, sand, cement, military equipment, wind turbine components and lumber.
  • Intermodal - Revenue: $4.0 billion. Intermodal freight transport uses multiple modes of transportation (rail, ship and truck) to transport freight in an intermodal container or vehicle, without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes. This method reduces cargo handling, and improves security and efficiency. One Union Pacific intermodal train can take as many as 300 trucks off America’s congested highways. We deliver a wide range of multimodal solutions for domestic and international freight shippers, moving products such as electronics, toys, furniture, clothing and auto parts.
  • Mexico Markets - Union Pacific is the leading rail transportation services provider to and from the United States/Mexico border. Revenue from our six business units includes $2.1 billion in Mexico trade in 2013.