Key Performance Indicators

Operating Safely20122013
Rail crossing accidents
(per million train miles)
Reportable injury rate
(per 200,000 employee-hours)
Public outreachAbout 8,500 events
reached 704,000 people
About 9,000 events
reached more than 616,300 people
Strengthening Communities20122013
Reported net income$3.9 billion$4.4 billion
Operating revenue$20.9 billion$21.96 billion
Capital Investment
(private funds, no taxpayer dollars)
$3.7 billion$3.6 billion
Spend with minority- and women-owned businessess$430 million$484 million
Engaging Employees20122013
Percent of Employees Unionized86%86%
Workforce Diversity
2011 Census Data
  5% Asian
13% Black
78% Caucasian
17% Hispanic
  1% Native American
* Census data permits reporting of more than one race.

95% Male, 5% Female
  1% Asian
11% Black
74% Caucasian
12% Hispanic
  2% Native American
94% Male, 6% Female
  1% Asian
11% Black
74% Caucasian
12% Hispanic
  2% Native American
the Environment
Energy usage45.6 mllion MWh45.7 MWh
*Water usage withdrawals2.82 million gallons2.55 million gallons
GHG Emissions
Locomotive fossil fuel emissions (scope 1)
11,149,798 metric tons11,153,933 metric tons
GHG Emissions
*Fossil fuel emissions (scopes 1 and  2)
11,940,205 metric tons11,953,871 metric tons
GHG Emissions
Employee travel (scope 3)
16,932 metric tons18,210 metric tons
Total waste generated
Tonnage Diverted from landfills
1.12 million tons
1.08 million tons
approximately 444,000 pounds
recycled or reused
approximately 410,000 pounds
recycled or reused

* 2012 indicators have been restated due to increased precision in estimating, based on new data and more in-depth analysis.