Sustainability and Citizenship Goals

Fuel Consumption Rate and GHG Emissions Goal

Our goal is to reduce Union Pacific’s locomotive fuel consumption rate by 1 percent each year from 2011 to 2015. Measured on a gross-ton mile basis, this will result in a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 1 percent annually. Attaining our goal would improve our fuel efficiency by 23 percent over that five-year span, using 2000 performance as the benchmark. We did not make our goal in 2013 primarily because of a change in our freight traffic mix (e.g., we experienced a 9 percent decrease in the volume of coal transported). Our Preserving the Environment section features information about new technologies we are exploring to improve our fuel efficiency.

Union Pacific’s strategy is to create customer value by working safely, delivering excellent service, driving efficiency, generating strong shareholder returns and reinvesting in our railroad.

Broadly, our sustainability and citizenship goals are to:

  • Operate a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible rail network that supports the highest levels of customer service.
  • Provide employees with the safest work environment possible.
  • Constantly improve employee, customer and public safety through innovation, education and investment.
  • Develop employee programs and processes that make us an employer of choice.
  • Invest in our network infrastructure to enhance safety, service and productivity.
  • Grow our business profitably and responsibly so we can invest in future growth, and make a positive impact on our communities, customers and shareholders.

Zeroing in on Safety

No injury is acceptable. That’s why we remain steadfast on our ultimate goals:

  • Zero employee injuries.
  • Zero trespasser incidents.
  • Zero vehicle grade crossing accidents.
  • Zero train derailments.