Environmental Management

To support railroad operations, Union Pacific’s environmental management efforts begin with our Environmental Policy. The policy outlines three primary commitments every employee must make:

  • Pollution prevention
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Continuous improvement

These commitments ensure that we align our environmental focus with our overall corporate mission of service – working for the good of our customers, shareholders and one another. To ensure our network accurately reports our environmental performance, we use sophisticated systems and programs that track detailed metrics. The goal of our environmental initiatives is to ensure we meet or exceed all applicable laws regulating our environmental impact. Our environmental management mission includes:

  • Prevention. Prevent the causes of environmental damage that result from railroad operations.
  • Preparedness. Develop partnerships with internal and external customers to prepare for effective emergency response and tomorrow’s environmental issues.
  • Response. Respond to emergencies involving environmentally sensitive materials to minimize health, environmental, operational and financial impact to Union Pacific Railroad.
  • Recovery. Cleanup contamination for which Union Pacific is responsible.