America Proud

Building America. That's our calling. For more than 150 years, we've helped the country grow and prosper by carrying the goods that feed, comfort, clothe and protect our great nation.

We believe in what we do, because we believe in this country. And we couldn't be more proud of serving it. That's why we fly the American flag on the side of our locomotives – so that we never lose sight of the reason we come to work every day.

Our America Proud commercials connect viewers with Union Pacific's role in supporting communities and businesses, shared ideals of hard work and service, and its commitment to supporting our nation's way of life. The campaign highlights Union Pacific's pride for the millions of people and thousands of customers it serves.

The commercials take viewers on a journey across the nation, from the edges of America's shores to the majesty of its countryside and the heart of its cities. Union Pacific is the only railroad to include the American flag design on its locomotives, and each ad concludes by zooming in for a close up on the 14-foot locomotive flag design.

Union Pacific's logo includes the phrase Building America, tying together the company's legacy of Abraham Lincoln as a founding father, the role the railroad plays in connecting American industry to domestic and international markets, providing well-paying American jobs, and delivering the goods families and businesses use daily.

With its particularly patriotic tone, Answering the Call showcases what UP's nearly 10,000 veteran employees do every day: continue to serve their nation by connecting and building America through their work at Union Pacific.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where were the commercials filmed?

The footage for all three spots was shot in and around Omaha, Nebraska; Council Bluffs, Iowa; Dallas/Fort Worth, and Portland – communities where Union Pacific has a large presence.

Who wrote the song used in the commercials?

This is an original track that was composed and scored by Tommy Walter specifically for Union Pacific's "America Proud" campaign. Learn more about Tommy and his music.

How were the commercials produced?

What you see in these commercials is what the camera saw on the ground or in the air. We used no computer-generated imagery (CGI). All aerial footage was shot from a helicopter. We used no drones or other unmanned aerial footage.

Does "Answering the Call" feature actual veterans?

Nearly all of the employees in that commercial are proud veterans of our Armed Forces. About 1 in every 5 Union Pacific employees are veterans, too. Due to their excellent teamwork and wide-ranging areas of expertise, we seek out military personnel for many positions at Union Pacific. Learn more about our veterans hiring program.

How did you decide to portray the flag on your locomotives?

When we added the flag to our locomotives more than a decade ago – at the suggestion of an employee after 9/11 – we followed the tradition of having the Union (the blue field of stars) lead the way, such that on the right-hand side of the vehicle ("passenger side"), the flag would appear reversed. Further, the flag was painted to convey the motion of forward movement as if it were billowing with the speed of the locomotive. Having the Union forward on both sides is the overwhelming choice anytime the flag is portrayed on a transport vehicle, from NASA space shuttles to Air Force One.

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