Meals Rate Changes effective October 1, 2013

Announcement Number: AG2013-36
Categories: Meals and Oils
Posted Date: July 5, 2013

Effective October 1, 2013 the following increases will be applied to the Meals items in UP 4053. For soybean meal (STCC 20923) the increase will be applied to all rates for large covered hoppers (capacity greater than or equal to 5,150 cubic feet.) Small covered hoppers (less than or equal to 5,149 cubic feet) rates will be 6% less than the large covered hopper rate 


 Misc Feed 
Item NumberDescription2013/2014 Increase
2900Misc 209394%
3000Soybean Hulls4%
3100Misc Soy Products4%


 Soybean Meal 
Item NumberDescription2013/2014 Increase
3400Soybean Meal to AR, KS, MO, OK, TN$100
3401Soybean Meal from IL, KS, MN, MO, NE, TN$100
3410Soybean Meal from AR and IA Origins$100
3411Soybean Meal from Il, KS, MN, MO,NE, and TN origins$100
3420Soybean Meal to IA, MN, WI$150
3440Soybean Meal to Chicago$100
3460Soybean Meal to AZ, CA, and NM$150
3480Soybean Meal to Intermountain$150
3600Soybean Meal to River & Gulf$100
3610Soybean Meal PNW$150
3700Soybean Meal to Mexico Interchange$100


Item NumberDescription2013/2014 Increase
3830CN Jointline$230
3850KCS Jointline5%
3870CN Jointline$210
3880CPRS Jointline$200

 Published items will supersede this general rate announcement.

If you have any questions please contact Leslie Pritkin at (402) 544-4942.