December 2013 - New Flexible Pricing Rates for Fresh Potatoes and Onions

Announcement Number: AG2013-67
Categories: Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Posted Date: November 25, 2013

Union Pacific is excited to announce the next rates in our flexible pricing program for shipments of fresh potatoes out of Eastern Idaho and for shipments of fresh onions from Western Idaho.

The rates announced today will be effective beginning December 1st and will be good for the entire month of December. We will announce new rates for January on December 20th. Rates shown include fuel which is an enhancement from our traditional tariff pricing. The rates will be covered in UP 1195, Item 2000.

Rates for December follow: 

Eastern Idaho Origin Points:  

Destination50' ARMN64' ARMNRoute
Atlanta - CSXT$10,000 $14,000UP-ESTL-CSXT
Atlanta/Doraville/Forest Park-NS$10,000  $14,000UP-MEMPH-NS
Boston/Chelsea/Everett-CSXT$13,875 UP-CHGO-CSXT
Hatfield, MA-NS$13,875 UP-CHGO-NS
Chicago, IL$6,200 $8,680UP DIRECT
New York City(locations served by the NS)$13,500$18,900UP-CHGO-NS
New York City(locations served by the CSXT)$13,500$18,900UP-CHGO-CSXT
New York City (locations served by the NYNJ)$13,500$18,900UP-CHGO-CSXT-GNVLL-NYNJ
New York City(locations served by the NYA via NS)$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-NS-BAYRI-NYA
New York City(locations served by the NYA via CSXT)$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-CSXT-FPONJ-NYA
Newark, NJ - NS$13,200 $18,480UP-CHGO-NS
Newark, NJ - CSXT$13,200 $18,480UP-CHGO-CSXT
Philadelphia- NS$13,000  $18,200UP-CHGO-NS
Philadelphia- CSXT$13,000$18,200UP-CHGO-CSXT 
Woodbury, NJ$13,000 $18,200UP-CHGO-CSXT
Woodbury, NJ$13,000$18,200UP-CHGO-NS
Tampa/Plant City/Lakeland, FL$12,750 $17,850UP- ESTL-CSXT
Jessup, MD$13,125$18,375UP-CHGO-CSXT


Western Idaho Origin Points:   

Destination50' ARMN64' ARMNRoute
Atlanta - CSXT$10,500 $14,700UP-ESTL-CSXT
Atlanta/Doraville/Forest Park-NS$10,500   $14,700UP-MEMPH-NS
Boston/Chelsea/Everett-CSXT$14,375 UP-CHGO-CSXT
Hatfield, MA-NS$14,375 UP-CHGO-NS
Chicago, IL$6,700$9,380UP DIRECT
New York City(locations served by the NS)$14,000 $19,600UP-CHGO-NS
New York City(locations served by the CSXT)$14,000 $19,600UP-CHGO-CSXT
New York City (locations served by the NYNJ)$14,000 $19,600UP-CHGO-CSXT-GNVLL-NYNJ
New York City(locations served by the NYA via NS)$14,000 $19,600UP-CHGO-NS-BAYRI-NYA
New York City(locations served by the NYA via CSXT)$14,000 $19,600UP-CHGO-CSXT-FPONJ-NYA
Newark, NJ -NS$13,700 $19,180UP-CHGO-NS
Newark, NJ - CSXT$13,700 $19,180UP-CHGO-CSXT
Philadelphia- NS$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-NS
Philadelphia- CSXT$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-CSXT 
Woodbury, NJ$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-CSXT
Woodbury, NJ$13,500 $18,900UP-CHGO-NS
Tampa/Plant City/Lakeland, FL$13,250$18,550UP- ESTL-CSXT
Jessup, MD$13,825$19,075UP-CHGO-CSXT

Also, we will publish Elsmere Jct, DE into the Philadelphia, PA Group.

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative or Nick Langel at (402) 544-6210 or