Update on Winter Weather Recovery

Announcement Number: CN2014-12
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: March 27, 2014

To Our Customers,

Union Pacific continues to see improvement in overall network fluidity as we recover from severe winter weather conditions and the ensuing backlog of traffic. Transportation plans for many terminals in the northern tier of our network are returning to normal as we remove excess inventory. We continue to focus on reducing variability in the network to drive ongoing improvement of our service over the coming weeks.

As we remove inventory from key terminals in the North, we are experiencing some congestion in other areas of our network, namely some Southern terminals and north-south corridors. We are rerouting trains to less congested routes to improve fluidity and working with our interchange partners to reduce backlogs of traffic. We will continue to periodically update customers as conditions continue to improve.

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.