Winter Weather Operations Update

Announcement Number: CN2021-13
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: February 17, 2021

To Our Customers,
Extreme winter weather continues to impact our network. Customers should anticipate extended delays on shipments in the impacted areas until conditions improve and severe weather recovery efforts are complete and commercial power resumes.
Region Impact
  • Pacific Northwest & Midwest – These regions are recovering as extreme temperatures subside, we are working to resume normal operations. 
  • South - Millions of homes and businesses remain without power in Texas. The major power outages are causing cascading issues related to main line and terminal operations, available water supply and other critical supply chain requirements such as fuel. Ongoing road closures continue to impact our ability to transport crews. The weather has also impacted train length and frozen switches, reducing terminal productivity.

    Overnight storms left additional snowfall and ice in northern parts of Texas, southeastern Texas and northern Louisiana. As a new front moves eastward through Arkansas and parts of Missouri and Illinois, we expect ongoing impact to these areas as additional snow and ice accumulates throughout today.
How To Communicate Industry Curtailments
Customers in the affected area with facilities out of service as a result of the recent weather events should open a case in Case Management (user ID and password required). Select Create a Case in the Get Help box (select Search Criteria and enter an equipment ID for your location) and then choose Case Reason Manifest Equipment Transit Delays and Case Sub-Reason Facility Status Updates - Manifest Regions. Please include the information outlined below in the Description Field.
  • Damage or tracks out of service
  • Estimated facility repair time
  • Resumption of operations
  • Request service when repairs complete
Phased Intermodal Gate Reopening
We will begin reopening some lanes today and more tomorrow, a full list can be found here.
We remain focused on delivering your freight as quickly as possible. Equipment, resources and crews remain positioned throughout our network to assist with recovery efforts. We appreciate your patience. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care & Support at 800-272-8777 or your Union Pacific representative.