Severe Winter Weather Causing Delays

Announcement Number: CN2017-1
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: January 6, 2017

To Our Customers,

Operations from Central Nebraska west to Northern California as well as across the Pacific Northwest to Portland are being affected by severe winter weather conditions, including extremely cold temperatures. While temperatures are expected to moderate over the next 48 hours, cold weather response plans have been implemented and work continues in an effort to keep routes clear. Customers may expect delays up to 24-48 hours for shipments moving across the affected area, as well as between Portland, Oregon south into Northern California.

Another storm system is expected to impact operations starting Saturday morning, bringing more heavy rain and mountain snow into the Sierra Nevada and Mount Shasta regions in Northern California. The front is expected to spread northward into the Cascade and Blue Mountain Ranges of Oregon Saturday evening, which may add additional delays to shipments.

Thank you for your business. Please contact the National Customer Service Center or your Union Pacific representative with any questions.