Service Update

Announcement Number: CN2022-33
Categories: General Announcements
Posted Date: June 1, 2022

To Our Customers,

A 10% week-over-week increase in the average number of trains holding per day has resulted in a slight deterioration in car velocity. However, car velocity remains 6% higher than our mid-April baseline.

Union Pacific is closely monitoring three key Operating metrics as indicators of network fluidity and reporting weekly to the Surface Transportation Board.

Progress April 16 through May 27

  • Operating Car Inventory: Removed 12,926 cars from our inventory, which reflects active inventory minus cars placed at customers’ facilities.
  • Car Velocity: Increased from 177 to 188 miles per day.
  • Train Speed: Increased from 22.9 mph to 23.8 mph.

Last Week’s Progress: May 20 through May 27

  • Operating Car Inventory: Added 622 cars into inventory.
  • Car Velocity: Declined from 191 to 188 miles per day.
  • Train Speed: Maintained at 23.8 mph.

We modified our Workforce Resources reporting metric in this week’s STB filing and wanted to make sure you are aware of the update. Instead of reporting the number who started training, we will share the employees currently in training. This modified number will be reported moving forward and better tracks the status of our crew pipeline. As of May 27, 533 train crew are currently in training; 298 have graduated.

As always, our Operating key metrics are reported weekly to the American Association of Railroads.