Weekly Service Update

Announcement Number: CN2015-3
Categories: Weekly Service Updates
Posted Date: January 14, 2015

To Our Customers,

Network operations continue to normalize following the New Year's holiday. Many areas across our network experienced extremely cold temperatures and some wintry precipitation last week, Our winter weather preparations helped mitigate the effect of these storms and cold weather. Velocity remained steady as carloadings increased 16 percent over the prior week.

Below are some network statistics from last week:

  • Carloadings for the week ending Jan. 10, 2015, were 168,272. This is 2 percent higher than the same week in 2014.
  • AAR system velocity was 24.6 mph, up 0.1 mph compared to the previous week.
  • Following the holidays, system terminal dwell has improved to 35.9, which is down 3.5 hours compared to the previous week. 
  • In total, we had 297,654 cars online, which is slightly higher than the previous week.

 Thank you for your business. Please contact the National Customer Service Center or your Union Pacific representative with any questions.