Industrial Products Update - September 2013

Announcement Number: IP2013-23
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Posted Date: September 4, 2013

Union Pacific is Fleet Sizing for Growth in the Housing Market

As the economy and housing market continue to recover, shippers and receivers of housing construction and home improvement materials including lumber, panel, wallboard and siding increasingly look to Union Pacific for reliable and cost-competitive transportation solutions.

To meet anticipated continued growth in the housing market in 2013 and beyond, Union Pacific is increasing fleet capacity through acquisition and improved fleet management.

This year, Union Pacific increased its fleet of centerbeams and boxcars in the TTX national pools; we've also acquired new centerbeam leases. Moving into 2014, we will be upgrading our Union Pacific-owned centerbeam fleet and adding boxcars to the TTX pools.

In addition to increasing our fleet size, we're working to gain capacity by being more efficient. Union Pacific is the largest participant in both the boxcar and centerbeam TTX national pools and is focused on creating efficiency through reload opportunities. Through our new leases, we have increased our mix of high-capacity, riserless centerbeams, which have the most wide spread use among our customers.

Finally, we're working with our operating department and short line railroads to store cars in strategic western locations to quickly respond to customer demand for forest products.

Union Pacific remains committed to providing our customers a reliable equipment fleet to support the housing construction market.

For more information about how Union Pacific can address your transportation needs, please contact your Union Pacific Representative.