Update: Sunset Maintenance of Way Project: Fall of 2013

Announcement Number: IM2013-524
Categories: Domestic Service Lanes and Schedules,International Service Lanes and Schedules
Posted Date: October 3, 2013

Dear Intermodal Customer,
This is in reference to Announcement Number: IM2013-444, posted on August 14, 2013. The start date of this Maintenance of Way project has been push back one month. Therefore, beginning October 14, 2013, an extensive rail tie program will commence on the single-track line between Ft Worth, TX and Longview, TX. This corridor connects the Sunset route to Dallas and the Memphis and Shreveport gateways. This multi-phase maintenance project will last for approximately six weeks, winding-down at the end of November. The Gang Work Dates where intermodal service will be affected are listed below:
10/14 through 10/31
11/8 through 11/15
11/21 through 11/25
Service will operate as normal when gang work crews are inactive.
Scope of Project:
Single mainline between Greggton, TX in the west and Longview, TX in the east. The Maintenance of Way crews will go on duty at 08:00 and work until 17:00.
Reroutes and Affect on Scheduled Service:  
1)       International Traffic moving from ICTF, CA and On-Dock in Southern California to Marion, AR and Memphis Interchange; (Eastbound only). Anticipate delays up to 18 hours during active gang work dates.
2)       International traffic moving from Southern California to the Shreveport, LA gateway:  ICTF, CA and On-Dock to the Shreveport, LA (NS) Interchange; (Eastbound only). Anticipate delays up to 10 hours during active gang work dates.
3)       Domestic shipments originating at Lathrop, CA destined to Dallas, TX (Mesquite) will see delays up to 20 hours during active gang work dates. 
4)       Service from Houston, TX (Settegast) and Dallas, TX (Mesquite) to Marion, AR (Memphis local only) will be suspended during active gang work dates listed above. 
A map of the affected territory and summary of lanes impacted is contained in the enclosed link Map.
Thank you for your commitment to Intermodal and the Union Pacific Railroad. For additional information, please contact your UP Business Manager.
Intermodal Business Team