Revised 5-15-14 Transactional Pricing Announcement

Announcement Number: IM2014-188
Categories: Domestic Price
Posted Date: May 20, 2014

Revised Transactional Pricing Announcement May 15, 2014
Last week we implemented adjustments to EMP and UMAX rates. Decreases were effective May 16, 2014 and increases were communicated as being effective May 22, 2014.
However, we identified that not all parties received this announcement, Announcement Number: IM2014-181, last week.  Decreases are still effective for May 16, 2014, while increases will now be effective May 27, 2014.  Please note that the EMP and/or UMAX Changes file online still shows 5/22/2014 for increases, but the actual increase date is now 5/27/2014.
The rates are available on MyUPRR, under FAK Pricing – Domestic Transactional Rate Changes:

If you have any questions please contact your Union Pacific representative.