Cahokia Marine Service

Marketing/Sales Contact

Dan Gerovac
General Manager
#2 Monsanto Avenue
Sauget, IL 62201
Phone: 314-647-7529

General Information

Port of St. Louis. mile marker 178.2L on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River (Sauget, IL)

Commodities Handled
Coal, coke, ores, steel, concentrates, aggregates, fertilizers, grains, liquids

Average Loading/Unloading Rate
Loading: 2,000 tons per hour (ground to barge)
Unloading: 3,000 tons per hour (train to barge, train to ground)

Annual Throughput
8,000,000 tons

Loading Machines
Four front-end loaders

Product Handling Equipment
72" rail to barge conveyor system equipped with traveling tripper load-out system
72" rail to ground storage system with 72" radial stacker
1266 D Koehring excavator - barge mounted for unloading barges - 10-yard buckets
Breaktrain and bottom dump apart in groups of 17

Special Equipment
30,000 feet of rail trackage with six locomotives (Four GP-9s and two SW-1200s)
Two 75-ton Lima crawler cranes, 150-ton American crawler crane
Under-car rail direct to truck unloading system
Five million gallon bulk liquid storage

Maximum river draft capacity

Coal Storage Capacity
500,000 tons

Blending Capabilities
Up to three coals

Other Services
Drumming and packaging, warehouse storage, fleeting and harbor service for up to 400 barges

Barge Capacity
Five berthing docks, handling all size barges, and able to load two barges at one time