Hillcrest Coal Terminal

Marketing/Sales Contact

William Rogers
Managing Executive, Coal Delivery
1901 Chouteau Avenue, MC 611
St. Louis, MO 63103
Phone: 314-554-3550

General Information

Milepost 161.40 on the Missouri bank of the Mississippi River (St. Louis, MO)

Commodities Handled

Average Loading/Unloading Rate
Loading - 4,000 tons per hour (barges)
Unloading - 4,000 tons per hour (bottom dump rapid discharge rail cars; rail to barge, rail to ground and ground to barge)

Annual Throughput
7 million tons annual capacity

Loading Machines
Conveyor belt system for direct dump to barges or storage and conveyor system from storage to barges.

Product Handling Equipment
Rapid Discharge Bottom Dumper and one loop track

Special Equipment
J.B. Long three-stage mechanical sampling system (bias tested)

Maximum river barge capacity

Coal Storage Capacity
250,000 tons nominal storage

Blending Capabilities
Up to three coals

Other Services
Automatic sampling system; blending and storage

Barge Capacity
90-barge capacity on site