Kellogg Dock

Marketing/Sales Contact

Michael G. Moore
6505 Schlermeier Road
Freeburg, IL 62243
Phone: 618-539-5582

General Information

Milepost 126, upper Mississippi River (Kellogg, IL)

Commodities Handled

Average Loading/Unloading Rate
Loading - 4,000 tons per hour (ground to barge)
Unloading - 2,000 tons per hour (rail to barge, rail to ground)

Annual Throughput
Four million tons

Loading Machines
Bucket wheel excavator

Product Handling Equipment
Rotary car dumper
Ladder tracks

Special Equipment
Belt scale for weighing

Coal Storage Capacity
800,000 tons

Blending Capabilities
Up to two coals

Other Services
Weighing, blending and storage

Barge Capacity
150 barges (all sizes)