Crude by Rail Overview

Union Pacific can coordinate the shipment of crude oil, condensate and NGLs through the distribution chain in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. Our services include the following:

  • Assistance with origin and destination site selection and rail design for new production facilities
  • Assistance in establishing unloading terminals in major consumption markets
  • Flexible solutions for single rail car shipments or 100+ rail car unit trains moving to a single destination
  • On-site safety consultations
  • Connections to every North American rail carrier
  • Web-based tools to support logistics and fleet management
  • Rail access process - secure necessary approvals for new service

Advantages of Union Pacific

  • Dedicated logistics experts in the crude oil, condensate and NGL markets
  • Service to strategic shale origin and destination terminals within North America
  • Access to a network of markets to achieve the best price for the product
  • Faster, more cost-competitive option versus pipeline
  • Customized services to address existing and emerging shale markets
  • Environmentally friendly transportation mode
  • Low-entry cost option with minimal capital investment versus pipeline
  • Maintained/non-contaminated Product quality

Getting Started

  • All new facilities must obtain approval through Union Pacific's Rail Access Process prior to construction
  • Tank cars must be privately owned or leased for movement of crude oil, condensate and NGLs
  • Buffer cars for crude, condensate and NGL unit trains must be furnished by the customer
  • All unit trains must be pre-approved by Union Pacific, forecasted in Union Pacific's system and follow all tariff rules and guidelines

For additional information and pricing about our Crude by Rail service, please contact a member of our Crude by Rail Team.