Harriman Dispatching Center Contacts

Union Pacific's Coal Operations department has three functional areas. These teams are staffed 24x7 to satisfy your coal transportation needs and include directors and managers.

  • Telephone calls will be answered by South desk for third shift coverage (1700 to 0530), this only applies to CO/UT - Western Utility.
  • Individual coal desk managers will rotate shifts and occasionally move to different desks. To ensure your emails are promptly seen, please use HDCCoal@up.com to reach all managers at one time. Additionally, please copy CoalUnitTrainSolutions@up.com and your UP sales representative on your correspondence in order to increase our responsiveness to your inquiry.

Northern/Eastern Utility Team - 24 hrs.

  • Nila (Diane) Savage

    Phone: 402-636-7659 or 800-477-2798

  • Mike Still

    Phone: 402-636-7659 or 800-477-2798

  • Nights Only

    Brent Suver

    Phone: 402-636-7659 or 800-477-2798

Central/Southern Utility Team - 24 hrs.

  • Steve Matlock

    Phone: 402-636-7500 or 800-443-4319

  • Jeff Olson

    Phone: 402-636-7500 or 800-443-4319

  • Nights Only

    Brendan Austin

    Phone: 402-636-7500 or 800-443-4319

Colorado/Utah & Western Utility Team

  • Brad Beyea

    Phone: 402-636-7152 (business hours) or 402-636-7500 (24-hour)

Director of Coal Operations

  • Rick Helfrich

    Phone: 402-636-7560

  • Jason Dickens

    Phone: 402-636-7885