About Web Applications

These applications and demos are available only to registered members of MyUPRR. Specific applications will vary depending on your line of business.


  • Find All Prices & Price Documents
    Search and view prices by STCC, origin and destination. View and print rates by a specific document authority.
  • Find Routes & Mileage
    Search by Origin, Destination, and Carriers to find routes and mileage.
  • Manage My Requests
    Requesting and reviewing price quotes.
  • Request a Price Quote
    Electronically request a price quote from your Union Pacific Sales Representative.
  • Petroleum Coke Request a Price Quote
    Electronically request a price quote from your Union Pacific Sales Representative.
  • Fuel Surcharge
    Calculating fuel surcharges based on monthly mileage or percentage rates.
  • Intermodal Schedules
    Search function for intermodal schedules.


  • Equipment Placement & Release
    Spot and release rail cars or enter switch billing for rail cars.
  • Bill of Lading
    Submit bills of lading online including detailed shipping instructions, such as billing data, rates, routing, and commodity information.
  • Diversions
    Change billing/shipping instructions and/or the route or destination of a rail car already in route.
  • Waybill History Inquiry
    View details of the last 10 waybills related to a piece of equipment that you are a party to the bill.
  • Car Order
    Order empty cars to be placed at customer's location for loading.
  • Pended Waybill Inquiry
    View pended bills on equipment moving to UP on another railroad or equipment destined for, but not yet received at an intermodal ramp.
  • Dimensional Clearance
    Submit a request for movement of equipment that exceeds standard height, width, length or weight limitations.
  • Reporting a Dirty Car
    Report or view dirty cars.
  • Rail Car Weight Request
    Request a rail car to be weighed.
  • Intermodal Gate Reservation
    Customers have the opportunity to choose and reserve gate reservations that match their shipping needs. For most terminals, a gate reservation will be required for a container or trailer to enter Union Pacific's Intermodal terminal.
  • Southbound Clearance
    Customers can manifest (clear or release) loaded railroad cars for furtherance into Mexico.
  • Grain Car Allocation (GCAS)
    Program to allocate Union Pacific covered hoppers to customers for the loading of whole grain. Program has three parts; General Distribution, Guaranteed Freight and Car Supply Vouchers.
  • Soybean Car Allocation (PCAS)
    Program to allocate Union Pacific covered hoppers to customers for the loading of soybean meal and hulls. Program has two parts; Guaranteed Pool and General Distribution.
  • Plant-to-Port
    Unit train of covered hoppers delivering Dried Distiller's Grains with Solubles, grain and grain products from the Midwest to Yermo, California where product is transloaded to containers for export.
  • Car Forecasting System
    Unit train customers provide train volume forecasts.


  • Equipment Trace
    Allows you to track equipment going to or from your facility
  • Pool Inquiry
    View events on rail cars assigned to a customer for loading
  • Train Inquiry
    View all cars currently on the train, as well as, cars scheduled to be picked up or set out by the train
  • Service Issues
    Allows customers to communicate problems to UP Operating/Mechanical Depts. via the NCSC Customer Service
  • UMLER Inquiry
    Search by car number to find equipment characteristics
  • Weight Inquiry
    Search by car number to find weights on rail cars that were requested to be weighted by Union Pacific
  • Unit Train Customer Interface/Bulk Train Planner
    Allows users to bill loaded unit trains, release unit trains empty, view train lineup, and view current location of trains.
  • Steelroads Website
    External tracing site that is managed by the American Association of Railroads (AAR).
  • Automotive Delivery & Info Management
    Trace automobiles by VIN number, and view ramp logistics
  • Intermodal/Pickup Number Trace(Intermodal)
    Allows you to view intermodal trace and pickup numbers if you are a party to the bill
  • Intermodal Gate History
    Intermodal customers can access historical J1 information (ex. driver, box condition, possible pictures, copy of J1)


  • Contract Refund Web Claim System
    Allows rate claims to be submitted and processed electronically.

  • MyNotifications
    Email notifications that inform customers of certain events related to equipment (ex. Bad Order, Constructive Placement).

  • Reports & Business Assistant
    Run reports on rail cars at industry, in yard, or en route to your company.

  • Repetitive Inquiry
    Access information regarding the status of shipments moving on UP.

  • Cutoff Times
    Lists locations associated with the customer, and displays the cutoff times for inbound and outbound rail cars at each location.

  • Chargeable Events
    View demurage events for the current month.

  • Private Empty Car Storage
    View private empty car storage for the current month.

  • Plant Inventory
    Manage in-plant inventory and electronically communicate billing, switching and release requests to the National Customer Service Center (NCSC).

  • Customer Pipeline Inventory
    View inventory based on Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

  • Web Claim Entry (WCE)
    Allows foreign railroads to submit and process rate claims electronically.

  • Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Storage Charges
    Allows users to pay intermodal storage electronically.

  • Pay/Guarantee Intermodal Flip Charges
    Allows users to pay intermodal flip charges electronically.


  • Account on the Web (AOW)
    View and pay invoices electronically for freight charges.
  • Credit & Payment Information
    Information on establishing credit and payment methods.

Coal Customers

  • Train Lineup
    List of unit trains moving for a customer.
  • Coal Forecast View (NCTA)
    Monthly supply/demand request.
  • Forecast Summary by Month
    A summarized monthly view of forecasted supply/demand.
  • Weekly Statistics
    Comparison of forecasted and actual trains loaded.
  • Missed Loading Opportunities Summary for SPRB
    Shows forecasted trains, actual trains loaded, and the breakdown of missed load causes.
  • Scale Test Switch Request
    Requesting a scale test car.

Intermodal Customers

  • Holiday Schedules
    Information on Train Plans and Ramp Hours for the coming holidays.
  • Service Schedules
    Search function that allows you to find intermodal schedules between origin and destination ramp points.
  • Request a Price(MCP)
    Electronically request an intermodal price quote from your Union Pacific Sales Representative.