Columbia & Cowlitz Railway Company CLC #163

Nature of Firm

CLC operates freight service from Columbia Junction to Ostrander Junction, Washington, (8.5 miles), connecting with UP and BNSF at Rocky Point, Washington. For operating convenience, the current physical interchange with both Union Pacific and BNSF is handled through the Longview Switching Company (LVSW) in Longview, Washington. LVSW is jointly owned by Union Pacific and BNSF. Traffic includes lumber and forest products, steel, paper and chemicals.


The company was incorporated April 9, 1925, and the railroad was built between 1926 and 1928. CLC was acquired by Patriot Rail from Weyerhaeuser in December 2011.

Company Information
Company AffiliationPatriot Rail
Interchange PointsRocky Point, WA (physical interchange is via Longview Switching Company - Longview, WA)
Agreement TypeInterline Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI