Plainsman Switching Company PSC #628

Nature of Firm

PSC, a switch carrier, is a short line railroad located in Lubbock, TX. Interchange with UP is via BNSF haulage from Amarillo, TX. PSC operates 18 miles of track within the city of Lubbock and serves a variety of customers, shipping and receiving commodities such as grain, chemicals, cotton seed, cotton seed oil, specialty sands, non-perishable food items and lumber. PSC can handle transloading a variety of commodities including windmill components and also provides short-term warehousing.


PSC was formed after the merger of the BN and SF railroads. The line was acquired by PYCO Industries in 2007.

Company Information

Company AffiliationPYCO Industries
Interchange PointsLubbock, TX via haulage with BNSF to/from Amarillo, TX
Agreement TypeBNSF Merger Settlement Agreement
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