Pecos Valley Southern Railway Company PVS #644

Nature of Firm

The PVS operates freight service from Saragosa, TX to a connection with Union Pacific at Pecos, TX (29.3 miles). Traffic includes sand, gravel and barite ore. The first mile is capable of handling 286,000 lbs. gross weight, including a sand transload location, with the remainder of the railroad capable of handling 263,000 lbs. gross weight. 


The company was incorporated May 28, 1909 and opened from Pecos to Toyohvale (40.1 miles) on May 1, 1910. The company was controlled and operated by the Texas & Pacific Railroad from 1927 to 1946. Passenger service ended in the late 1940s. The line was cut back from Toyohvale to Saragosa in 1971.

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Company AffiliationWatco Companies
Interchange PointsPecos, TX
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Handling Carrier

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