Lubbock and Western Railway LBWR #205

Nature of Firm

LBWR operates freight service on 107 miles of trackage in western Texas. LBWR operates over two lines, one from a connection with the BNSF at Lubbock, TX to Seagraves, TX and the second from Lubbock, TX to Whiteface, TX. Traffic consists of salt cake, chemicals, industrial products, and oilfield commodities. LBWR can receive unit trains from Union Pacific and several unit train capable facilities are present.


The line to Seagraves was built by the South Plains and Santa Fe and started operating on July 1, 1918. The branch to Whiteface started operating on December 1, 1925. The company was leased to Panhandle and Santa Fe in January 1931. Santa Fe turned over the lines to the Seagraves, Whiteface and Lubbock Railroad on April 2, 1990. The West Texas and Lubbock Railroad acquired it on November 1, 1995. Watco acquired the line from Permian Basin Railways in August 2015.

Company Information

Company AffiliationWatco Companies, LLC
Interchange PointsLubbock, TX via haulage with BNSF to Amarillo, TX
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI