San Diego and Imperial Valley Railroad Company SDIY #315

Nature of Firm

SDIY operates freight service from El Cajon to a connection with the BNSF at San Diego, CA. Local transit service (the San Diego Trolley) operates over a portion of the line between San Diego and San Ysidro.


The San Diego & Arizona Railway was incorporated December 15, 1906 and opened between San Diego and El Centro on December 12, 1919. The company was reorganized as the San Diego & Arizona Eastern in 1932. In September 1976, a tropical storm washed out the railroad in 89 locations causing a suspension of service, followed by an abandonment application. Most of the property was purchased by the San Diego Metropolitan Transit Development Board in 1979. The KYLE Railroad operated freight service for nearly five years as the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Transportation Company before seeking release from their operating contract. On October 14, 1984 SDIY took over operations.

The company was a subsidiary and the first shortline acquisition of RailTex. RailTex was purchased by RailAmerica and they are the new owners of SDIY.

Company Information

Company AffiliationRailAmerica
Interchange PointsNone, via BNSF
Agreement TypeISS
Information Exchange MethodRMI