Salt Lake City Southern SL #809

Nature of Firm

SL operates a line owned by Utah Transit Authority extending from Mount to Salt Lake City, UT (25 miles). In November 2000, SL leased and assumed switching operations from UP for a Salt Lake City Industrial Park (known as Small Arms Industrial Park). Traffic includes cement, animal feed and grain, lumber, forest products, minerals and stone, plastics, and chemicals.


Mount to Salt Lake City was a former UP main line into Salt Lake City. Short line service started April 19, 1993. SL has a freight easement over the line and trackage rights over a short segment of UP in the Murray to Midvale area. SL is a sister company of Utah Railway Company which is owned by Genesee & Wyoming, Inc.

Company Information

Company AffiliationGenesee & Wyoming, Inc.
Interchange PointsSalt Lake City, UT
Agreement TypeHandling Carrier
Information Exchange MethodRMI