Field Managers Conducting Hotel Audits, UP Working Closely with Crew Haulers

As Employees Keep America Moving, Extra Precautions Taken

Systemwide efforts are taking place to confirm local hotels and crew transportation providers are following Union Pacific and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance.

The hotel process begins with UP’s Crew Management Services (CMS) and Audit teams calling hotels to verify room and food availability. As many restaurants close due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UP works to ensure there are carry-out options nearby for employees. The Supply Chain Department also is involved, speaking with UP’s national hotel vendors’ corporate teams to make sure local hotel branches are using CDC cleaning protocols.

Next, transportation field managers step in, visiting local lodging facilities and speaking with local management. Armed with a checklist, UP managers inspect common areas to look for cleanliness and COVID-19 signage, and ask questions about cleaning frequency and processes. UP’s Audit, Supply and CMS teams take it from there, addressing any issues with hotel management. Field managers will follow up as needed to confirm issues are addressed, and UP’s Health and Medical Services team receives reports of each visit.

“This is another layer of verification to ensure the health and safety of our crews as they keep our railroad moving,” said Tom Lischer, executive vice president-Operations. “We want to help our employees feel confident in these providers.”

The railroad is working together with crew hauling suppliers to help keep all organizations’ employees healthy and will follow up on any issues.

If a UP employee approaches a crew van and notices the driver is exhibiting symptoms, the UP crew member should avoid entering the vehicle and immediately escalate the issue to local management so alternate transportation can be provided to the work location.

Remember, employees are responsible for knowing the signs of COVID-19 and staying home if you are ill or suspect you’ve been exposed. It’s important to follow the proper notification process.

Employees should report any COVID-19-related hotel or crew transportation concerns to the Safety Hotline using the “COVID-19” drop-down category.