Social Distancing Policy

Union Pacific Railroad is currently using the CDC’s recommended Pandemic Infectious disease mitigation measure of “Social Distancing”.

This is a policy asking employees and managers to reduce or eliminate group work and group meetings and take practical steps to maintain a 6 foot distance between employees wherever possible. This and other measures such as “Cover your Cough” and increasing the use of work-at-home practices are intended to reduce the spread of infectious disease among UP employees.While social distance measures are in place, employees should follow guidance posted near elevators for maximum elevator capacity. Other steps to control the spread include more frequent hand-washing and use of disinfectant cleaners in hand and work surface cleaning.

Influenza is spread by viruses in droplets of moisture, such as coughs, sneezes, etc. The 6 foot social distance reduces the opportunity for spreading the viruses.

In offices, partition cubicle walls of sufficient height (55 inches or more) can also be used to prevent the cough-produced spreading of virus-containing droplets. Why 55 inches? This is an average seated floor-to-mouth height. Where employees are seated behind partitions and using all the other recommended precautions, droplet spread will be greatly reduced. If partition cubicle walls are less than 55 inches, another approach to achieve adequate social distancing is to stagger or ‘checkerboard’ placement of employees at work stations. See more information about social distancing in cubicles

Sit stand stations may still be used in cubicles, however raising the sit stand to standing position in cubicles requires the use of a face covering.Sit to stand stations in offices are exempt from this requirement.

Social distancing requires employee and manager cooperation. Its’ sole purpose is to reduce the spread of illness. Some UP work places will be able to adapt to and apply social distancing more successfully than others. It is only one of the protective measures called for in our UPRR Pandemic Influenza plans.


Updated: 9/11/20