Nonagreement Employees and Spouses Enrolled In Union Pacific Healthcare Coverage

Family health is an important component of employee wellness. To help your family stay well together, nonagreement employee spouses who are covered under a Union Pacific healthcare plan have wellness incentives available to them. All earned wellness incentives are paid as cash on the Union Pacific employee's paycheck.

Wellness Incentives

Nonagreement (non-union) employees and spouses enrolled in Union Pacific healthcare coverage, can earn wellness incentive dollars. To earn wellness incentives for the current plan year, employees and spouses must complete the following activities activities by Dec. 31.

Wellness Incentive DollarsWellness ProgramProcess


For completing the online Wellness AssessmentAccess the Wellness Assessment by visiting
$150For completing an Annual PhysicalAccess the Annual Physical reporting by visiting
Please note: If family coverage is the result of employee plus non-spouse dependents, the employee receives the funds a spouse would otherwise earn. Wellness incentives are paid as cash on the Union Pacific employee's paycheck.

Incentive Tracking

How can I track when my rewards/incentives are earned?

Incentive Tracking Process
Wellness AssessmentAutomatically updated upon completion Wellness Assessment within the WebMD Live More Portal
Annual ExamWithin five business days of reporting the Annual Physical on the WebMD Live More Portal