Key Performance Metrics

Carloads and Revenue Ton Miles (RTMs)

Week Ending October 9, 2021



Weekly Carloads

2 weeks ago: 161,412

3 weeks ago: 158,130



Revenue Ton Miles

2 weeks ago: 8,507

3 weeks ago: 8,070


Weekly Carloads
Weekly carloads as reported to the AAR.
Weekly Revenue Ton Miles (RTMs) by key market segments in millions. RTMs are calculated by multiplying the weight of freight by the number of tariff miles.


Weekly Key Performance Metrics

Week Ending October 8, 2021



Freight Car Velocity

2 weeks ago: 210

3 weeks ago: 210



Train Velocity

2 weeks ago: 18.5

3 weeks ago: 18.8



Switch & Run-through

Car Dwell

2 weeks ago: 8.0

3 weeks ago: 7.9



Operating Car Inventory

2 weeks ago: 174,784

3 weeks ago: 171,974


Car Velocity:
Measures the average daily miles a car moves on Union Pacific from release/interchange to placement/interchange, loaded or empty. Excludes non-revenue cars.
Train Velocity
Measures the time from origin departure until final arrival, including time at intermediate terminals. Calculated by dividing train miles by train hours (mph) for through freight trains.
Switch & Run-through Car Dwell
Measures dwell in hours for any car classification or run-through train activity at a railroad station.
Operating Car Inventory
Daily snapshot of cars in normal movement, hold, or released at customer status on Union Pacific. Excludes cars at industry for loading or unloading, offline or stored. Articulated well and spine cars counted individually. Excludes non-revenue cars.


AAR Train Speed

2 weeks ago: 24.5

3 weeks ago: 24.8



System Inventory

2 weeks ago: 291,326

3 weeks ago: 288,887



Terminal Dwell

2 weeks ago: 23.1

3 weeks ago: 22.9


AAR Train Speed
AAR measure of the time from origin departure until final arrival, excluding intermediate terminal dwell. Calculated by divided train miles by train hours for through freight trains.
System inventory
AAR measure of average daily inventory of all freight cars in revenue fleet regardless of location or status. Includes cars located on shortline railroads, cars delivered to customer facilities and stored cars. Articulated cars are counted as a single unit.
Terminal dwell
AAR measure of average hours a car resides at the specified terminal location. Begins with train arrival, customer release or interchange receipt. Ends with train departure, customer placement, interchange offering or delivery. Excludes cars that move through a terminal on run-through trains.