Annual Reports

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2. Acquisitions

Southern Pacific – UPC consummated the acquisition of Southern Pacific in September 1996 for $4.1 billion. Sixty percent of the outstanding Southern Pacific common shares were converted into UPC common stock, and the remaining 40% of the outstanding shares were acquired for cash. UPC initially funded the cash portion of the acquisition with credit facility borrowings, all of which have been subsequently refinanced with other borrowings. The acquisition of Southern Pacific has been accounted for using the purchase method and was fully consolidated into UPC results beginning October 1996.

Merger Consolidation Activities – In connection with the acquisition and continuing integration of UPRR and Southern Pacific's rail operations, UPC will complete the elimination of 5,200 duplicate positions in 2001, primarily employees involved in activities other than train, engine and yard activities. UPC will also complete the relocation of 4,700 positions, merging or disposing of redundant facilities, and disposing of certain rail lines. In addition, the Corporation will cancel and settle the remaining uneconomical and duplicative SP contracts, including payroll-related contractual obligations in accordance with the original merger plan.

Merger Liabilities – In 1996, UPC recognized a $958 million pre-tax liability in the SP purchase price allocation for costs associated with SP's portion of these activities. Merger liability activity reflected cash payments for merger consolidation activities and reclassification of contractual obligations from merger liabilities to contractual liabilities. In addition, where merger implementation has varied from the original merger plan, the Corporation has adjusted the merger liability and the fair value allocation of SP's purchase price to fixed assets to eliminate the variance. Where the merger implementation has caused the Corporation to incur more costs than were envisioned in the original merger plan, such costs are charged to expense in the period incurred. The Corporation charged $10 million, $45 million and $474 million against the merger liability in 2000, 1999 and 1998, respectively. The remaining merger payments will be made during 2001 as labor negotiations are completed and implemented, and related merger consolidation activities are finalized.

The components of the merger liability as of December 31, 2000 were as follows:

Millions of Dollars Original Liability Cumulative Activity Dec. 31,

Labor protection related to legislated and contractual obligations   $361   $361   $ –
Severance and related costs 343 271 72
Contract cancellation fees and facility and line closure costs 145 141 4
Relocation costs 109 96 13

Total   $958   $869   $89

Mexican Railway Concession – During 1997, the Railroad and a consortium of partners were granted a 50-year concession to operate the Pacific-North and Chihuahua Pacific lines in Mexico and a 25% stake in the Mexico City Terminal Company at a price of $525 million. The consortium assumed operational control of both lines in 1998. In March 1999, the Railroad purchased an additional 13% ownership interest for $87 million from one of its partners. The Railroad currently holds a 26% ownership share in the consortium. The investment is accounted for using the equity method of accounting. The Railroad's portion of the consortium's assets and liabilities is translated into U.S. dollars using current exchange rates in effect at the balance sheet date. The Railroad's portion of the consortium's net income is translated into U.S. dollars at weighted-average exchange rates prevailing during the year. The resulting translation adjustments are reflected within shareholders' equity as accumulated other comprehensive income.

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