Annual Reports

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15. Work Force Reduction Plan

Prompted by signs of an economic slowdown, the Corporation's Board of Directors approved a work force reduction plan (the Plan) in the fourth quarter of 2000. The Plan calls for the elimination of approximately 2,000 Railroad positions during 2001. The positions will be eliminated through a combination of attrition, subsidized early retirement and involuntary layoffs and will affect both agreement and non-agreement employees across the entire 23-state Railroad system. Most of the eliminations will occur during the first six months of 2001, with the remainder completed throughout the year.

The Corporation accrued $115 million pre-tax or $72 million after-tax in the fourth quarter of 2000 for costs related to the Plan. The expense was charged to salaries, wages and employee benefits in the Corporation's consolidated statements of income. No cash payments or charges against the Plan reserve were made in 2000.

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