Annual Reports
Overnite Transportation

“Our employees differentiate Overnite from the competition in serving our customers.”

Leo Suggs, Chairman & CEO Overnite Transportation Co.


O V E R N I T E  T R A N S P O R T A T I O N

Serving Customers

Responding to its customers, Overnite Transportation last year greatly enhanced its one- and two-day delivery network, expanded its full-state coverage and used new technology to increase efficiency.

With customers shortening just-in-time schedules, Overnite's upgraded fleet reduced transit times and delivered over 63 percent of all freight within two days.

Most importantly, quicker transit times did not come at the expense of reliability. Overnite's 166 service centers nationwide posted an on-time service performance standard between 97 and 98 percent throughout the year. In 2000, Overnite also became the first nationwide LTL carrier to offer guaranteed pickup service.

Overnite expanded Advantage Overnite to bring full-state coverage to 32 states east of the Rockies and continues to directly serve all major markets in the western states. On the international front, Overnite increased coverage in Canada and introduced expedited service into Mexico.

'99 Walmart LTL Carrier of the Year

Overnite also unveiled its latest e-commerce offerings, enabling customers to set up personalized, secure websites to electronically receive copies of all shipping documents, trace and track shipments, receive rates, and create bills of lading online.

On-Time Service Performance
Overnite Transportation


On-Time Service Performance


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